A headshot is an image that contains a condensed visual message conveying a package of information about one's the most highlighted professional features in order for creating a strong and truthful impact on its beholder. It is a visual haiku telling all in a spark of moment. Therefore, a successful headshot is unique to each person. From its lighting to the pose it must me carefully conceived and delicately executed specific to its subject.

A headshot is an investment. It tells who you are, what you do. It sets the first impression to the person it reaches. This is where its uniqueness comes to play. If you are a lawyer your headshot must talk confidence and knowledge. If you are an actor your headshot must talk the character style you are capable of bringing to life; it must tell whether  you are an actor of funny or dramatic roles. A lawyer's headshot cannot be shot as a real estate agent's or a designer's. Concisely said, it is maybe the most important visual communication tool you have—if you are doing a job, in which you directly interact with your clients or the professionals you work with. Therefore it is the most important investment that you make into your truthful and professional image.


Actor Headshots

Premium Headshot session

●  Studio* or a selected in/outdoor location**

● 3-4 hour session

● 1 - 3 looks (including one high-key and one low-key lighting set-up)

● One-minute actor show reel (a video while acting a scene or two/three short scenes)

● 4 edited 1500px images burned on a CD

● Four 8x10" high-quality printouts and a video file

● studio*: $500 one person


Standard Headshot session

●  Studio

● 1-2 hour session

● Two looks (one high-key, one low-key lighting set-up)

● 2 edited 1500px images

● studio*: $300 one person

 ● Two 8x10" high-quality printouts


For each additional image editing: $75

For each additional 8x10" printout (1-10): $7  / (10-50): $5 / (50 up): $4

● + $100 makeup artist/hair stylist—if required

Ask for a quote for custom setups, creative ideas or on-location shoots.