Base Pricing and General Terms for Photo Shoots


Half day studio/location shoot with/including the equipment (four hours) = $750

Full day studio/on location shoot with/including the equipment (eight hours) = $1400

Studio/on location shoot (each extra hour) = $200/hour

Simple-equipment (half day/four hours) shoot = $500

Full day on location shoot with the simple-equipment (eight hours) = $900

Simple-equipment shoot (each extra hour)  = $125/hour


 Note: Please bear in mind that the price includes the photo editing time, which takes a significant additional time and work.

You get 8 edited* images for a half-day shoot (editing and retouching time is included in the shooting price); or 20 edited* images for a full-day shoot (editing and retouching time is included in the shooting price)
Each extra image is subject to $95, including editing and simple retouching fee
This price does not include extra work including e.g., scouting, casting, photography assistant, hair, make-up, and styling, studio or accessory rental, and shooting permission
This price does not include extra expenses such as travel and cast's provision
See the print prices separately that vary (size, paper, print technique)
25% of the total is paid as down payment while booking. All total amounts below $1500 is to paid on the day of shoot. If the total amounts is over $1500 25% of the total is paid on the day of shoot (before the shoot starts), the rest of the total amount (50% of the total) is paid within one month proceeding the photo shoot.
There is no refund for the cancellations made less than a week prior to the photo shoot.

 For the commercial shoots the final invoice is calculated after the price of the photo shoot, the usage fee, and the tax.

 * may include simple retouching (e.g., skin imperfections or wrinkles), but not heavy tasks (e.g., inserting/taking out objects or compositing)


Please provide a complete and detailed information for an accurately estimated quote (such as the types of images, the (approximate) number of images, if you need casting, location or studio, date and time frame, and the intended usage).



  I offer 30% discount for model portfolios.                                                                                                                                                                                                 If you are a model, I offer a $500 standard portfolio package that includes                                                                                                                                        a half-day shoot (3 looks), and a headshot portrait
  ● 10 edited and simply retouched (if required) portfolio images
 The package does not include makeup and styling. You can come with your own MUA, hair stylist, wardrobe, etc. or I can provide you for an  additional charge.